We Decide The Future.

We Define The Tech.

The WebThre3naissance (“Web 3 Renaissance”) Movement is here to bridge the tech inequality gap! We provide every individual with emerging tech education, resources, and career opportunities.



Understand complex tech


Stay ahead of the "Web3" curve


Children and elderly first!


Fight the School-to-Prison Pipeline

The world is rapidly changing around us and technology is at the epicenter.

The way we interact with our family and friends has changed and now we can receive a virtual education. With our fast paced lifestyles, it seems almost impossible to stay ahead of the technological learning curve. There are so many new pieces to emerging technology that it could make the average person’s head spin. Those usually left behind are the elderly and low income families.

The WebThre3naissance Movement was established to combat this disadvantage by providing access to all citizens of the world to the information, education, and opportunities that are necessary for them to thrive in this new paradigm.

Our programs range from technical training and certification, to simple, introductory courses meant to familiarize participants with these new, innovative applications, and tools. Our initiative provides them with access to the New Technology Powered World.

The WebThre3naissance Movement was founded by Link Green the KryptoKhemist after spending 10 years in the blockchain and associated emerging technologies sectors. Striving to bridge the gap between these rapidly moving spaces and educate the very users that were being targeted, Green stopped yelling about the inequities and began to work silently on a solution.
Several companies and organizations told him “no” to creating educational platforms meant to familiarize their customers with the very tech that was being created for them to use. Green found it odd that these companies would build technologies without the input, familiarity, or knowledge of the same customers that they expected to use them.
Tired of hearing no, he set out to establish his own training and familiarization program, meant to empower those affected by the revolution. He called it “The WebThre3naissance (Web Three Renaissance) Movement” because he realized that it would be the PEOPLE who contribute to creating a renaissance in thought, communication, innovation, and human-tech interaction using the newly emerging technology tools that we see being built today.
Similar to the Harlem Renaissance, these contributors would be from different walks of life, races, colors, and creeds, with only one motivation in mind — to evolve beyond what the world currently is and offers them. Only this time the revolution inspiring this Renaissance would happen on a much broader, global stage, using advanced and sophisticated technologies that are able to manifest their vision instantly. We only seek to empower these souls in their pursuit of freedom.

Learn how to use complex tech from people who speak like you

We have a saying that the worst person to teach tech to a non-technical person, is a “techie.” But this isn’t always the case. As long as said techie understands HOW to teach a nontechnical person, then learning can occur. In our virtual instructor-lead classes, we make sure to teach in a way that’s easy to understand for everyone from all age groups, backgrounds and experience levels. And we don’t move on until we’re SURE you have a thorough understanding of the subject matter. Never worry about feeling rushed to learn or embarrassed because you didn’t get it as quickly as everyone else. We’re here with you for the long haul. We don’t move on until you’re ready to.

Be above average in an average world

Most people don’t care about understanding blockchain technology, machine learning/AI or Virtual and Augmented Reality and it shows. Companies are so desperate for people who understand these types of technologies, that they are willing to pay extremely large amounts of money to hire them. Just look at how much blockchain developers make!

Through The Innovation League (ages 18+), we prepare our trainees to see these types of salaries within 2 years of completing our certification program. What’s more is that we pay our trainees while they’re training so that they don’t have to worry about learning and providing for themselves.

We teach children and elderly first!

Think about it, children are the true innovators of the world. If we focus on cultivating their minds to not only understand this technology but also create new versions of it, then we are preparing the world for a new and exciting future. The elderly provide the wisdom and guidance for us all! So them knowing how to use the very technology that will be required for their healthcare appointments, financial services and communication with their families, is of the highest importance to us. Forging a connection between these two integral, yet often overlooked groups in our societies, makes it so that the rest of us have the necessary support and resources to be educated from both ends (the young and the elderly).

We are fighting against the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Through our program The S.T.O.P. Squad Academy, we are preparing young men from the ages of 9 to 19 to contribute to this new world in an exciting and revolutionary way. Yes, we have programs for young women through our partners StreamGlobal.org, but we are fighting for the 1 in every 11 melanated boys that are incarcerated in our country.

We do this by providing a positive intervention for not only at-risk/troubled youth, but those who are gifted in general.  Moreover, after being stuck in the house for the past two years of the Covid pandemic, these children have essentially “merged” with tech, making a part of their daily lives and routine. As such, these children want to contribute to the world of tech in a way that they may not feel they can contribute to their school systems and home structures, which is why our academy is the perfect place to let their imaginations run wild.