508(c)(1)(a) Organization
Formation Questionnaire

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Client Information

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Purpose of the Organization

These are the individuals whom you expect to serve through your Private Ministry and may include whomever you deem fit and deserving.
This refers to any of the anticipated results and effects that the organization aims to achieve through its activities and programs. This section of the form is designed to help the organization articulate its goals and the positive changes it hopes to bring about in the community or among its target beneficiaries.

Leadership & Management

Full Name, Title, Email Address, and Phone Number
Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number
Full Name, Email Address, and Phone Number

Organizational Structure

The organizational structure and entity type of a 508(c)(1)(a) can determine whether it operates as a private ministry. A 508(c)(1)(a) organization is typically structured as a religious, nonprofit entity that is automatically tax-exempt without needing to apply for IRS recognition. If you need better help with understanding the various nuances of formation, don't worry. We will cover this information during your initial consultation. For now, please choose what you think is best for the following questions:
(e.g., corporation, association, trust)
(if already incorporated)

Tax-Exempt Status

Please note: If you have NOT filed a 501(c)3, most of this section will not apply to your organization
Does the organization currently have tax-exempt status?
If no, input "N/A"
If no, do you need assistance in applying for tax-exempt status?

Financial Information

Here is where we will get to know a bit more about your financial situation and goals for your organization in order to determine our ability to serve you.
Can be anticipated and not actual
Please be advised that this information is PRIVATE and will only be used internally for the creation of your ministry. You're also free to leave it blank and provide it at a later time. The information should include; Bank Name, Account Number, and Routing Number

Legal and Compliance

Full Name, Address, Phone Number, and Email Address:
Does the organization have bylaws?
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Does the organization have a conflict of interest policy?

Further explanation of Bylaw/Trust Creation

Bylaw & Trust Creation: Bylaw and trust creation services involve developing the foundational legal documents necessary for the governance and operation of a nonprofit organization or trust. This includes drafting bylaws that outline the organization's structure, rules, and procedures for decision-making, as well as creating trust agreements that define the management, distribution, and purpose of trust assets. These services ensure that the organization operates legally and efficiently, adhering to best practices and regulatory requirements.

Further explanation of Tokenization

Trust tokenization is the process of converting trust assets into digital tokens on a blockchain, enhancing asset management, transparency, liquidity, and security. For a private ministry, this means efficiently tracking and allocating donations, properties, and resources, while reducing administrative costs and attracting a broader, tech-savvy donor base. The immutable ledger of blockchain technology ensures clear, verifiable records and robust protection against fraud, ultimately supporting the ministry's mission with modern financial tools.
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