The Digital Diplomat program fosters collaboration between innovative businesses, influencers, and brands. As a ‘Digital Diplomat,’ you become an advocate that empowers
underrepresented communities to integrate into the digital age effectively.


The Digital diplomat program

A Chance to Bring Forth Inclusion Through Innovation

Bridging Digital Divides: The Digital Diplomat Program's Transformative STEM Education Initiative

The Digital Diplomat program, a key initiative of The WebThre3naissance Movement, brings together forward-thinking businesses, influencers, and brands to address the digital divide through STEM education. These Digital Diplomats view technologies such as AI, blockchain, and robotics as drivers of positive transformation rather than mere tools. Their involvement goes beyond support, encompassing active engagement with underrepresented communities through workshops, mentorship, and interactive initiatives.

The Digital Diplomat program by The WebThre3naissance Movement is a strategic partnership initiative aimed at fostering collaboration between The WebThre3 Movement’s nonprofit organization and innovative businesses, influencers, and brands that have decided to embrace and possibly have even implemented emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and robotics (or others). These partners, referred to as “Digital Diplomats,” play a crucial role in assisting underrepresented communities to integrate into the digital age effectively. Donation Tiers in the program range from $1,700 to $53,000 so that businesses and organizations of ALL sizes have access to tech innovation. 

benefits to the community

Access to Cutting-Edge Technology
Networking and Mentorship

Underrepresented communities gain access to AI, blockchain, and robotics education, breaking down barriers to emerging technology adoption.

Digital Diplomats serve as mentors, providing guidance and motivation, thus fostering networking and empowerment.

Skill Development and Empowerment
Digital Inclusion and Equality

Tailored training empowers individuals, enhancing employability and fostering meaningful contributions to the digital economy.

The program bridges socio-economic gaps, promoting digital equality and reducing disparities in the digital landscape.

Empower underrepresented communities

For Seamless Digital Integration

Benefits of donating

Consulting & Training Services

With your donation, you receive more than just a digital access card; you gain a passport to a world of tailored consulting, seamless tech integration, and personalized corporate training.

Tax Deductions & Tax Credits

This isn’t just a transaction – it’s an “investment” in the future of your business that propels you ahead, and it’s tax-deductible too. What’s more is that Tax Code 127 could entitle your business to up to $5,250 per employee in exchange for Employee Provided Education!

Power to Decide WHERE & How Funds Are Used

Holders of these exclusive access cards also wield significant voting power in shaping future decisions within our Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), steering the course of specific technologies and initiatives. 

Innovation & Collaboration w/True Talent Acquisition

Companies aligned with the Digital Diplomat mission are likely to attract top talent who share the goal of making a positive societal impact, resulting in a more motivated and dedicated workforce. This also introduces businesses to fresh ideas and perspectives, potentially fostering valuable collaborations  and innovations that drive growth in the digital landscape.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Expanded Market Reach

Becoming a Digital Diplomat showcases your commitment to CSR. Not only will your brand demonstrate its dedication to empowering marginalized communities and contributing positively to society, but initiatives aiding underrepresented communities opens new market segments for businesses, leading to increased customer loyalty and a favorable brand reputation among socially conscious consumers..

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