From The Block To The Blockchain


The WebThre3naissance Movement’s program, “From the Block to the Blockchain,” (FTB2BC) is a comprehensive initiative aimed at providing blockchain education to inner-city communities. With the increasing global shift towards mass adoption of blockchain technology, digital currency, and other emerging technologies, it is crucial to ensure that individuals from all backgrounds are prepared and empowered to participate in this transformative era. 

How we Transform the Block

The program comprises various initiatives and activations specifically designed to bridge the knowledge gap and promote understanding of blockchain technology within inner-city communities. Recognizing that these communities may face unique challenges in accessing and benefiting from emerging technologies, “From the Block to the Blockchain” focuses on inclusivity and providing equal opportunities for individuals in these areas.

The program’s core objective is to equip individuals with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary to thrive in a blockchain-powered world. Offering comprehensive education and training empowers participants to navigate the complexities of blockchain technology, digital currency, and related concepts. This education goes beyond technical aspects, covering topics such as decentralized finance, smart contracts, and the potential societal impact of blockchain technology.

To achieve its goals, “From the Block to the Blockchain” implements a range of initiatives and activations. These may include workshops, seminars, hackathons, and mentorship programs tailored to the specific needs and interests of inner-city communities. The program leverages experiential learning, hands-on projects, and collaborative activities to create engaging and immersive educational experiences.

The program’s approach also emphasizes the importance of community involvement and collaboration. It encourages local partnerships, fostering connections with businesses, educational institutions, and community organizations. By building a strong network of support, “From the Block to the Blockchain” ensures that the benefits of blockchain education extend beyond the program itself, creating a lasting impact on the community as a whole.

Through “From the Block to the Blockchain,” the WebThre3naissance Movement aims to address the digital divide and empower individuals in the inner-city to seize the opportunities presented by blockchain technology. By providing education and resources, the program strives to ensure that these communities are not left behind in the shift toward a blockchain-powered future.


Ultimately, the program envisions a Web3 renaissance, where individuals from all walks of life are well-equipped to participate in and contribute to the emerging blockchain ecosystem. By bringing blockchain education to the inner-city, “From the Block to the Blockchain” promotes inclusivity, diversity, and equal access to the transformative potential of blockchain technology, digital currency, and other emerging technologies.

Meet Our Spokesperson

Lashawn “Suga Ray” Marston, the spokesperson for From the Block to the Blockchain, plays an integral role in the program’s mission and impact. As a true American Hero, Marston brings a wealth of experience as an artist, activist, and community builder, utilizing various mediums such as storytelling, filmmaking, and spoken word to empower and uplift marginalized communities.

Marston’s extensive background in the arts and activism makes him an ideal spokesperson for the program. His artistic endeavors have gained recognition, with a recent Art Residency at MoMA PS1 and his work being featured at notable institutions like Flux Factory and the Museum of the Moving Image. This showcases his talent and commitment to using creative expression as a catalyst for social change.

As a spokesperson, Marston effectively utilizes his artistic platform to amplify the message and goals of From the Block to the Blockchain. Through his engaging storytelling, compelling films, and powerful spoken word performances, he helps raise awareness about the importance of blockchain education and its potential impact on underrepresented communities.

Marston’s presence as the spokesperson brings credibility and authenticity to the program. His dedication to community building aligns with the program’s emphasis on empowering individuals in inner-city communities. By sharing his personal experiences and using his artistic talents, Marston connects with audiences on a deeper level, inspiring them to embrace blockchain technology as a tool for positive change.

Furthermore, Marston’s connections within the New York City artistic community and his features in local magazines enhance the visibility and reach of From the Block to the Blockchain. His involvement helps foster partnerships and collaborations with other artists, organizations, and institutions, expanding the program’s influence and potential for impact.

Coders to Conduct

Coders for Conduct (C4C) is a significant facet of our program “From the Block to the Blockchain,” aimed at making a positive impact on at-risk youth in underrepresented communities who have been identified as having behavioral problems. The primary objective of this initiative is to address the pressing issues of juvenile delinquency and combat the school-to-prison pipeline, while simultaneously providing these children with practical skills to enhance their economic opportunities.

Through Coders for Conduct, we introduce coding and game design to these marginalized youth, empowering them with valuable technical skills and fostering their creativity. By immersing them in the world of coding and game development, we provide an engaging and constructive outlet for their energy and curiosity. This initiative recognizes that many of these children possess untapped potential and unique perspectives, which can be channeled positively through the medium of technology.

By leveraging coding and game design, we offer a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Through hands-on workshops and mentorship programs, we guide the participants in acquiring the necessary knowledge and expertise to create their own digital games and applications. The curriculum is carefully designed to balance technical instruction with lessons on teamwork, problem-solving, and ethical considerations.

Beyond the immediate goal of teaching coding skills, Coders for Conduct also emphasizes the cultivation of positive behaviors and attitudes. We believe that providing these youth with an opportunity to engage with technology in a constructive and supportive environment can foster personal growth, instill self-discipline, and encourage critical thinking. By encouraging responsible and ethical behavior, we aim to empower these young individuals to make positive choices and overcome challenges they may face.

Moreover, Coders for Conduct actively addresses the socioeconomic factors that contribute to the perpetuation of the school-to-prison pipeline. By equipping these youth with coding and game design skills, we aim to provide them with viable alternatives for improving their economic status. The initiative helps break the cycle of limited opportunities by opening doors to potential careers in the rapidly growing technology sector. By expanding their horizons and offering pathways to success, we strive to empower these young individuals to become future leaders and change agents in their communities.

Overall, Coders for Conduct is an initiative that combines coding, game design, and personal development to prevent juvenile delinquency, combat the school-to-prison pipeline, and enhance the economic prospects of at-risk youth in underrepresented communities. Through this program, we aspire to create a positive and lasting impact by empowering these young individuals with the tools, skills, and mindset necessary to thrive in the digital age and contribute positively to society.