BY: Betty "Coach Bee" Lewis​

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Betty "Coach Bee" Lewis​

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Betty “Coach Bee” Lewis has been in the financial field for over 15 years and is the Founder of Young, Rich & Rooted, a brand dedicated to empowering women to understand and manage money in order to build wealth.  She is an “ADHD Money Coach” and has learned from the school of life. Although Coach Bee has a formal education in finance, it is her passion for helping high-performers with neurodivergence and other attention-deficit related issues, realize their true potential for success and progress through understanding SELF care and management BEFORE financial management.

Coach Bee is also a certified credit repair specialist and a certified financial coach.  While she values what she learned in college, she believes the school of life has taught her more about money than any classroom ever could. Through life lessons, she has discovered that financial success is only about 20% book knowledge and the other 80% is behavior.  She is a budget beast who is passionate about helping her clients change their behaviors and mindset about money.  She knows sisters have been overlooked and wants to help us build a NETworth through homeownership.  Her journey from homelessness to homeowner has her hell bent on seeing women with keys.




Self-Reflection and Emotional Awareness

In the first week, participants focus on self-reflection and emotional awareness, laying the foundation for effective money management. Through guided exercises and discussions, they explore their emotions around finances and identify any barriers to financial success.


Creating a Personalized Financial Blueprint

During Week 2, participants develop a personalized financial blueprint that aligns with their values, goals, and emotional needs. They learn practical budgeting techniques and tools to track their finances effectively, empowering them to take control of their financial future.


Building Resilience and Coping Strategies

In Week 3, participants focus on building resilience and coping strategies to manage financial stress and overwhelm. Through mindfulness practices and stress-reduction techniques, they learn to navigate challenges with grace and resilience.


Balancing Emotions and Business

Week 4 delves into the intersection of emotions and business, helping participants balance their emotional needs with the demands of entrepreneurship. They explore strategies for maintaining emotional stability while managing finances and running their businesses.


Empowering Financial Decision-Making

During Week 5, participants hone their financial decision-making skills, learning to make informed choices that align with their long-term goals and values. They practice setting boundaries and saying no to financial pressures that may compromise their emotional well-being.


Integration and Action Planning

In the final week, participants integrate their newfound knowledge and skills, creating action plans to implement positive changes in their financial lives and businesses. They celebrate their progress and commit to ongoing growth and empowerment in their journey towards financial stability and emotional well-being.

“Money Management for The Overwhelmed Woman” is a transformative Synergy L.A.B. led by Betty “Coach Bee” Lewis, tailored specifically for women with ADHD. In this empowering program, participants are guided through a holistic approach to financial management, prioritizing personal and emotional well-being before diving into the complexities of budgeting and business management. With a focus on self-awareness and emotional balance, participants learn to navigate their finances and business endeavors with confidence and empowerment. Through expert-led sessions and personalized coaching, women gain the skills and resilience needed to thrive in both their personal and professional lives, achieving greater control, balance, and fulfillment. Join us on this journey to financial empowerment and personal growth.