The S.T.O.P. Squad Academy

Welcome to the extraordinary world of The S.T.O.P. Squad (Stars in Training Obtaining Power) Emerging Technology All-Boys Web3 Academy, where the sparks of discipline, responsibility, and confidence ignite into a blazing inferno of limitless potential. Prepare to embark on a transformative journey that will shape exceptional young men, ages 9 to 21, into future leaders of the STEM sector.

Through a meticulously crafted program, we immerse our students in a military-like structure that instills discipline, fosters responsibility, and ignites an unwavering sense of confidence within them.

Our mission is to shape the minds of these bright individuals, equipping them with the tools they need to conquer the frontiers of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

From the moment our students enter the academy, they become part of something greater than themselves. Each member is assigned to one of our esteemed squads, known as the Lightyear Squad, Galaxy Squad, or Asteroid Squad. These squads serve as dynamic units where camaraderie, collaboration, and competition intertwine to create an environment that breeds excellence.

Learwinson “LJ” Jackson III is the distinguished Program Director of The S.T.O.P. Squad All Boys Web3 Academy, a pivotal initiative under The WebThr3naissance Movement. With a dynamic blend of media prowess, youth mentoring acumen, and a deep understanding of program development, LJ stands at the forefront of youth behavioral health and personal development within the web3 space.

Bringing a wealth of experience that spans over a decade, LJ has honed his skills in cultivating youth leadership through an innovative and empowering approach. As the visionary behind the S.T.O.P. “Stars in Training Obtaining Power” Squad, LJ champions a philosophy that places young individuals firmly in the driver’s seat of their own future. This empowering ethos resonates in LJ’s commitment to instill a sense of agency and self-determination within each participant.

LJ is more than a Program Director; he is a dedicated mentor who goes beyond the conventional role. His mantra revolves around understanding and connecting with the mentees on a personal level, breaking away from the traditional authoritative figure archetype. LJ firmly believes that fostering trust, respect, and admiration is fundamental in guiding youth towards their full potential.


Lightyear Squad

Kristopher Boyd

Galaxy Squad

Kevin Horton

Asteroid Squad

Link Green

Supernova Squad


1. This is an all BOYS mentorship program. If you have a daughter(s), please email us at and we can recommend a similar program for girls.

2. Filling out this form does not GUARANTEE your child’s enrollment. An application and interview process will be conducted on a case-by-case basis, provided that there is availability for your child. It is also IMPORTANT to understand that your child will be expected to successfully complete a test on our 25 page handbook, before receiving an interview date.

3. This program has very strict requirements of your child, as far as responsibilities are concerned. Should you be selected for the program, we will discuss those responsibilities in detail.

4. Failure to properly complete (and fully read) this form and its questions, will result in an automatic disqualification from the rest of the process. Please read every question carefully and only fill this form out if when you are ready

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I have thoroughly read, understand and AGREE to all four (4) of the above statements.
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PLEASE NOTE: Failure to agree with this statement could automatically disqualify your child/children from participation in our program.