Web3 Merchandising & Supply Chain Management‚Äč

BY: Jawanza Wetzel

Web3 Merchandising & Supply Chain Management L.A.B. Chat

Jawanza Wetzel

thought leader

Step into the future of fashion with Jawanza Wetzel, co-Founder of The Blockchain Bullyz, as he unveils the blueprint for creating a revolutionary social token economy within the clothing industry. In this Synergy L.A.B., titled “Web3 Merchandising & Supply Chain Management,” Progenitors will explore cutting-edge strategies to monetize clothing through blockchain technology and social currency.

Jawanza Wetzel, an innovator at the intersection of fashion and blockchain, will guide you through the process of building a clothing empire that not only sets trends but also empowers its followers to earn money by simply wearing and promoting the brand. The Blockchain Bullyz have set a new standard by integrating digital assets into their merchandise, and now, Jawanza is ready to share his expertise with The Community.



This L.A.B. is perfect for aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, blockchain enthusiasts, and anyone interested in pioneering a new era of merchandising. Whether you’re a Thought Leader, an innovator, or simply passionate about The Culture, this session will equip you with the knowledge and tools to transform your vision into a thriving social token economy-powered clothing empire.

Introduction to Web3 and Blockchain Technology

Understand the fundamentals of blockchain and how it can revolutionize the merchandising industry.

Social Token Economy

Discover how to create and manage social tokens that reward your followers and customers for their engagement and loyalty.

Monetizing Merchandise

Learn innovative methods to generate income from your clothing line while providing value to your audience.

Supply Chain Management in Web3

Explore ecient supply chain strategies powered by blockchain to enhance transparency, security, and eciency.

Building a Community-Driven Brand

Leverage The Movement to cultivate a loyal and engaged customer base that actively participates in your brand’s growth and success.